Everything about the treatment of Prostatitis in men

Today Prostatitis is the most common disease that approximately 35-40% of men consult a urologist. It occurs as a result of the inflammation of the prostate, lead to the external and internal factors. Patients, especially interested in whether the is safe again Prostatitis and what to do to prevent complications of this disease?


What Prostatitis is?

Prostatitis refers to an inflammation of the prostate gland. Occur, it can live as a result of the weakening of the immunity, the penetration in the organism of the infection, hypothermia, Stress, lack of exercise, active, or Vice versa, irregular sexual life.

The prostate or the prostate is part of the male reproductive organs. It is the basis of the urethra. The size of the prostate gland is comparable to the size of a walnut. The main function of this organ, the production of secretions, the activity of the sperm.

There are 4 types of diseases:

  • Chronic bacterial.
  • Chronic, is not associated with the development of the bacteria.
  • Chronic asymptomatic.
  • Sharp.

Last view on the rarest diagnosed and characterized by acute course. In the case of a patient the temperature rises, in the pelvic area, pain will appear, painful ejaculation, in the urine of blood appears. Here, the Patient needs an urgent treatment, which requires, above all, in the infirmary.

All other types of Prostatitis have no distinctive appearance, so you should always determine uneasy. The main symptoms of the chronic types of disease are:

  1. Pain in the abdomen (in the back).
  2. Discharge from the urethra (can be transparent, or purulent).
  3. Disorders of sexual function.
  4. Frequent Urination.

Prostatitis may be asymptomatic-diagnosed only on the basis of the results of the analyses. Can occur he in men older than 25 years. After 35 years, the risk of its development, and in the case of 45-year-old, the probability of the diagnosis of Prostatitis, 50% is increased. Therefore, in adulthood to a year, start by an examination by a urologist, will help you realize the disease is at an early stage and timely treatment.

The diagnosis of the disease

Determine the presence of Prostatitis is in the location, just a urologist. After the tour he a further survey may require:

  • Physical examination – Palpation of the prostate, during which it is possible, the condition and the size of the gland.
  • TRANS-Rectal Ultrasonography.
  • Swab or secretions of the prostate for the presence of leukocytes and bacteria.
  • The clinical analysis of urine, which can be detected, Protein, leukocytes, and bacteria.
  • The analysis of ejaculate.
the symptoms of Prostatitis

We wrote a detailed article, explain how the transfer of the analysis of the ejaculate (semen analysis) and as I'm preparing for the procedure.

  • Cytological Urine Analysis.
  • Bacteriological urine analysis.
  • Analysis of the level of Protein DOG.
  • Urodynamic Investigation.
  • Cystoscopy. Appoint it only in the presence of the statements, in the case of injury or in the preparation for the Operation.

The treatment of Prostatitis

Select conservative and surgical treatment of Prostatitis. To the conservatives:

  1. The use of drugs.
  2. The Massage of the prostate.
  3. Physiotherapy.
  4. Special exercises.
  5. The Spa Treatment.

On surgery already then, when the disease was in the started Form, and the prostate tissue, so it is not healed, that she is capable of its core tasks to perform.

Conservative Treatment

The basis of the treatment of Prostatitis the use of medication and physiotherapy, including the latest techniques. In order to achieve a maximum effect, it is recommended to use several methods in the complex therapy.

A therapy with drugs

How to cure Prostatitis in every Phase of its development, can the doctor say after performing the necessary analyses and examinations. In the treatment of Prostatitis always of medications are used:

  • Anti-infectives. Your purpose is due to the fact that, in most cases, the cause of the disease is the development of the bacterial intestinal flora.
  • Blocker, Alpha-adrenergic receptor in a group of drugs for the relaxation of the muscles, organs, directly in contact with the prostate (Urethra, urinary bladder). The methodology of their application as a new one, but she has managed to prove its effectiveness.
  • Non-steroidal drugs. Drugs are able to stop pain and remove inflammation. You need to be taken with anti biotic medications.
  • To eliminate drugs, which are capable of Stagnation in the tissues of the prostate.
  • Micro-circulation improve pain help suppositories breastfeeding.
  • Restoration of patency of the capillaries help.
  • In the case of Prostatitis hormone supplements can be prescribed.


For the treatment of Prostatitis in men far physiotherapy widely used. In the direction of the attending physician, the Patient can visit:

  • Magnetic field therapy. The method aims at improving the cellular nutrition of the prostate gland, the excretion of the degradation products from the cells and Stimulation of the local immunity. Thanks to the magnetic therapy, to a inflamed areas faster shipping anti-bacterial, improves blood circulation.
  • Microwave therapy for the enlargement of the capillaries and the improvement of the nutrition of the tissues of the prostate.
  • Stimulation low-frequency current with the aid of electrodes placed in a cavity of the urethra. As a result of the gland congestive secret excreted.
  • Laser therapy reduces the blood viscosity, small thrombi to dissolve.
  • Vacuum therapy simultaneously with Laser therapy. As a result of the procedure, the blood supply to the organ is improved.
  • For the treatment of Prostatitis in men, the ozone therapy is. During the procedure, in the urethra, a fluid is introduced, with a high content of ozone.

The scheme of treatment of Prostatitis is strictly individual for each patient.

Prostate Massage

Prostate Massage

To treat not so long ago in the list of procedures, with which it is possible Prostatitis was Massage of the gland. It is used for the lifting of Stagnation in the body, and the excretion of metabolic products with the blood and the lymph. Use Massage after elimination of the acute process, and fight disease-causing bacteria.

For its implementation, with a Finger in the rectum. The Massage should of the doctor. Alternatively, a special Massage with Vibration, can the vibration combines with the effect of the laser radiation and the creation of the magnetic field. This procedure is to improve the supply of nutrients to the body lines, and drainages.


It is known that the herbal medicine is an Alternative to the use of drugs in the treatment of many diseases. I can cure the Prostatitis with your help? It is very common for the improvement of metabolic processes in the prostate, the doctors recommend the use of herbs (licorice, nettle, peony, plantain, St. John's wort, etc.). All of these plants contain a lot of selenium and zinc. However, you use it must be only as part of an integrated therapy. In General, decoctions of this herb to use for the bathrooms.

We have a separate article on the treatment of Prostatitis folk medicine.

Introduction Stem Cells

The disease, which has managed, in the chronic Form of pass, can be treated by administering into the tissue of the organ stem cells. Thus, it is possible to replace damaged cells healthy.


The East medicine successfully used this technique for many centuries for the treatment of various diseases. To carry out such procedures only specially trained doctors can. After exposure to specific points of the body, increases the blood supply to the prostate.

Leech therapy

Excellent results showed the treatment of Prostatitis, with the help of leeches, which secrete a special substance, contributing to:

  1. The liquefaction of the blood.
  2. Decrease of oedema.
  3. Restoration of the microcirculation of the blood.

For the treatment of leeches in the Anus. The treatment of Prostatitis this method consists of 5 sessions, the break between treatments should be 3-4 days.

Prostatitis Surgery

Operative Treatment

In the initial phase of Prostatitis is curable. To this purpose, medications, physiotherapy, etc., But if the disease progresses in the course of the protracted time draw on of the surgical procedures:

  • Resection of the prostate. In this part of the prostate gland is removed.
  • Prostatectomy. The process of complete removal of the prostate.
  • Drainage Of Abscess. The prostate is not removed the pus.


The better cure Prostatitis of the doctor-urologist says after the examination of the patient. But like any other disease, Prostatitis is easier to prevent than get rid of the consequences of disease. To do this:

  1. Lead an active lifestyle. Regular movement to prevent Stagnation in the pelvic area and improve blood circulation. Good effect: swimming, Jogging, dancing, Fitness. This can be avoided motor-sports should.
  2. You can secure proper nutrition. The value of the number of fried, salty, oily, spicy, marinated and smoked foods, limit. Basis of the diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cereals, should be:. It is important to drink a way.